5 Tasty Taco Ideas for Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is this week. So I thought that, as my usual celebration, I’d go through the drive through at Taco Bell, order a crunchy taco and that would be that. But, with all this technology at my fingertips, I thought it was time to see what other taco ideas were out there on the internet. I started with some basic ideas, mixed and matched, and came up with my 5 finalist tacos for my Cinco De Mayo menu this year.

1. Steak Taco with Pineapple or Mango Salsa
Not too daring but just perfect for trying something new and exciting. You have to start somewhere, and the pineapple should really be a nice break from the traditional taco. It adds a sweet tanginess that pops in your mouth.

2. Asian Shrimp Tacos with Sriracha
Sriracha has been all the craze lately and I’ll be the first to admit I jumped on the bandwagon too. I like all of these flavors together but have never tried it in taco form. The heat that Sriracha adds to the back of the throat will be a great way to spice up my tacos.

3. Braised Mole Beef Tacos
In searching for various recipes, I found about a dozen recipes for mole. It seems everyone and their mother has a different recipe for this classic. So this may have to be a several-attempt dish as I search for the best combinations for my taste buds. But that just means more tacos for me!

4. Guy Fieri’s Tex Wasabi’s Koi Fish Tacos
The write up on Food Network’s page says “Guy Fieri gives fish tacos a California twist. Tequila and lime-marinated, tempura-style cod is topped with sliced cabbage, pico de gallo and tequila lime aioli.” If that doesn’t make your mouth water, you’re not human. Although, I’m terrified that if I cook it Fieri himself will come insult my cooking skills. No matter, there’s no way I’m passing on tasting this dish for myself.

5. Ice Cream Tacos
Alright, alright, I know that these don’t count. But why not? Everyone loves them! Ice cream, any number of toppings. Sometimes you just have to let go and have fun. Remembering that food is just that…fun! A make your own ice cream taco bar, is just a fun way to end a meal, Cinco de Mayo or any day. And it’s nearly impossible to mess it up. Messy, yes, but mess it up? No.

All of my new tacos may come out great, or maybe my execution will be lacking, who knows. But life is short and you have to have fun, try new things. I do know that my Cinco de Mayo this year will be spent with family, building memories and creating new stories to tell at future events. Do you have any suggestions for new taco recipes or combinations? I’d love to hear all about it. Be sure to comment below and tell me about your Cinco de Mayo plans. You can also share this article on Facebook, Twitter or any social media so that others can join in on the conversation as well.