Unusual Proteins You Never Thought to Try

Food is ever changing and is different to each person. We imbue our food with our stories and feelings and no two dishes are ever exactly the same. Something else that can change everything is the protein used. There are more options out there than you think and some may seem quite unusual.
If there’s one thing I learned after years of cooking, it’s to never doubt a food until you’ve tried it at least once. Some of the proteins on the list below are ones I still have yet to try. But you can be sure it’s on my to do list. And I recommend you give it a chance, at least once, at some point.

  • Donkey – this is a beautiful and clean red meat that is sadly underrated. You can braise or stir-fry it like the Chinese do or even throw it on the grill. The taste can be described similar to veal, so if you enjoy that, give this oddity a try.
  • Cuttlefish – don’t let the strange name scare you away. It’s actually very similar to squid or possibly octopus. The key here is to clean them as thoroughly as possible and then slice them down the middle. The favorite way to eat them is grilled, but I’ve heard rumors that blanching them is as delicious as calamari. Lemon and olive oil are your flavor friends here!
  • Buffalo – you might have heard this all American protein described as bison, but it’s delicious no matter what name you call it by. It’s similar to beef, but is leaner and has a sweet tone to it. My favorite preparation of this protein, that I have tried and enjoyed many times, is in chili. The greatest part of loving buffalo for dinner is that it’s not too difficult to locate and buy for yourself.

Who’s ready to get into the kitchen and start cooking as soon as possible? I know I personally am hungry to start exploring the proteins of the world. If you enjoyed reading about these meats, then share this article with your friends and fellow food lovers on Facebook or Twitter.
If you take the plunge and try any of these proteins, or have another protein you believe belongs on this list, comment below to tell us about it. There is plenty of good food to try, we just need to know it’s out there. Until next time, good eating my friends!