Escargot Time (Yes, I’m Eating Snails!)

Hello foodies! You all know how I love trying foreign foods to tell you all about. Well, my current craze is French cuisine. Many people enjoy this culture’s delectable food, so you may think it’s not the most exotic thing I’ve ever sampled. But I decided to go for a protein that those who are squeamish may gasp at the thought of consuming. Escargot.

For those of you who don’t know this fancy word, it’s a snail. That’s right, I’m eating snails. Some of you may be grossing out, but others may know just how delicious these little morsels can be. Not only will I tell you how I like to eat mine, and your mouth will be watering to try them too, but I’ll tell you what makes a escargot snail different from the ones on the side of a pool. Tasty and educational!

So what snails are we eating? Why are they so darn delicious? Why can’t I eat any snail I want? They’re actually raised a very specific way. Fruits, leaves, and other clean foods make up their diet to keep them edible, and even then only certain species are safe. When it’s getting close to the time to be harvested, they are actually fasted for a few days and then fed flour to maximum flavor.

Now for my favorite way to eat it. I recommend grabbing a saute pan and simmering butter, herbs, and garlic cloves until nice and hot. Then throw in the snails and cook for about ten minute or so. The butter and garlic brings out the best tones in the escargot and you can either eat it on its own as an appetizer or place them in little hollowed out bread balls for a delicious meal.

And if you are a wine pairing fanatic, I did find a few wine suggestions that you might enjoy with this unique protein. Mostly any white wine will go nicely with the snails, but Chardonnay also goes well with the butter sauce. If you decide to cook the escargot with a lemon sauce however, another delicious option, the wine pairing changes. Then I would suggest a Sauvignon Blanc.

If you’re looking to impress friends or family, or a really cute date, this is a winner for sure. It’s unique enough to be a conversation starter, but part of a cuisine that most are somewhat familiar with. You can cook it yourself without too much difficulty if you do your research, or find a nice restaurant for a truly gourmet experience. What a great addition to any French meal!

Thanks for reading. If you found this article rather enlightening, share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and all those other great social sites. And if you do try escargot, comment below to let me know how the experience was! If you’ve had escargot before, comment how it was prepared, what wine you paired with it, or how it tasted. I love reading about my fellow foodies’ experiences.